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No one will ever influence your child’s life to even a fraction of the amount their own thoughts will influence them.

By teaching them how to talk to themselves differently, you’ll help them live their life with success and happiness.

To reduce comparing themselves to others
1. I compare myself only to my highest self
2. I am not trying to fit in, because I was born to stand out
3. I refrain from comparing myself to others
4. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
5. I am who I want to be starting right now
6. I see perfection in both my virtues and my flaws

To encourage them to believe in their future
1. If I can conceive it and believe it, I can achieve it
2. The future is good, and I look toward it with hope and happiness
3. I can do whatever I focus my mind on
4. I follow my dreams no matter what
5. All my problems have solutions
6. I am open to all possibilities

To increase self-esteem and body image:
1. I embrace my flaws because I know that nobody is perfect
2. I don’t want to look like anyone but myself
3. I get better every day in every way
4. My self-worth is not determined by a number on a scale
5. I matter, and what I have to offer this world also matters
6. I love myself deeply and completely

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To improve their overall attitude
1. I am perfect and complete just the way I am
2. I control my emotions; they don’t control me
3. I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity
4. Today is the best day of my life
5. I fill my day with hope and face it with joy
6. I choose to fully participate in this existence
7. All of the mistakes I made yesterday are creating the person I’ll be tomorrow

To deal with bullying or social conflict
1. I belong, and I am good enough
2. No one can make me feel inferior without my consent
3. I surround myself with people who treat me well
4. I see the beauty in others
5. I am safe and sound, and all is well
6. It is okay to say no because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter

To help them deal with adversity
1. This too shall pass
2. Failure is great feedback
3. I am confident about solving life’s problems successfully
4. I learn from my challenges and always find ways to overcome them
5. Everything works out for the best possible good
6. I press on because I believe in my path